Tuesday, March 21, 2017

You volunteered

There is a fight ongoing between the haves and have-nots.  It's been a cyclical battle and it swings between the have-nots have enough to be happy to they don't.  Regardless of why it happens, it happens and if you become angry and use violence and you are a have not, the haves, have you.

They have the weapons, the law and a corrupt system supporting them.  Everything in their arsenal is designed to suppress a violent and angry uprising.  They understand violence for it is their go to solution.

However, once you understand that your incarnation here was no accident and that your higher-self eagerly accepted the challenge of amnesia duality, you will no longer feel trapped.  In the realms of duality, all progress to the good is always against evil.  In realms where evil is non-existence, no progress is possible, in that realm everyone and everything is perfect.

Awareness probes sent out by the infinite source of consciousness, in the aeons of travel found an infinite set of non-perfect realms.  These realms were dark, unexplored and the gestalt knowing was that all realms in the non-perfect realms were the opposite of perfect.

The most ancient history of eternity records a moment of now where the infinite source of all desired to know itself fully and asked for volunteers among the most experienced of the watchers who had recently finished a full review of all the perfect realms.  As the watchers regarded the full spectrum of the infinite set known as the Imperfect Realms, it was noticed all was dark.  Until light entered these dark realms, they were part of the infinite unmanifest.  That which is possible yet has not been manifest, pooled in an infinite expanse of realities.  Until now all realms had been perfect and there was no free will in the perfect realms as there are no choices, all that is good is fully manifest in the perfect.

A tremendous energy was unleashed for the ramifications of the desire emanating from source was not compulsion.  In the past, source desired awareness of understanding and a pulse of infinite consciousness would fully and totally saturate the possibilities and fully manifest every delight, every pattern, every possibility.  There was no decision as to that over this. All was exalted in its magnificence.  The concept of ugliness was impossible to discover in the perfect realms.  However, once the concept of ugly became even a hint of a possibility, there were those watchers who declined and those that acquiesced to explore the imperfect realms.  At that moment, free will was born.  To explore or not was a choice given, never given before was such an opportunity to not fulfill source desire of knowing.

Those that chose to explore the dark regions of infinite expanse, known as the imperfect, brought light to dark places and from this moment forward, these watchers were known as the light bringers.

So you must be clear, you volunteered.  The secret of your incarnation, your purpose is to create perfection in an imperfect realm.  Anybody can create perfection in a perfect realm.  Up for the challenge?

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