Thursday, October 12, 2017


The mainstream view of GOD is an entity or being separate from oneself that you need to bargain with and please in order to get a positive response to your prayer. The missing piece of information most people need is the understanding of the higher-self. Some call it the guardian angel, spirit guide or from a more secular perspective the subconscious. However, your true self is transcendent of time and space and a portion of your infinite, eternal consciousness has been extruded into this slow 3d MATRIX and is currently attached to and is identifying with the body. How well you connect with the divine is how well you connect with and enable your higher-self to successfully navigate the infinite possibilities of this experience realm. You can think of your higher-self as the portion of GOD dedicated to you. A more accurate metaphor is that your body is an avatar for your consciousness to play here. You make requests to your higher self via prayer, you get answers via meditation and the synchronicities and coincidences that flow in your life afterward. You no longer need to bargain with God when you pray because you have your best interest at heart. But you do need to trust your higher-self to have the perspective of your life plan as it answers your prayers, and how it answers your prayers.