Sunday, May 21, 2017

The Practice

If you want to achieve something challenging like achieving enlightenment, you need the secrets to achieving anything.  The same secrets that allow one to achieve wealth and power also work for ascension and enlightenment.  May I present to you the seven secrets to manifesting whatever you want including spiritual goals and achievement.

The Seven Secret Harmonies of Practice

I share the secrets here not as a way to make you rich and famous or even just rich. Even though it could make you rich and famous, but if your goal is Christ Consciousness,  Buddha Consciousness, Enlightenment, Ascension, Nirvana, Union with the Divine, <insert spiritual phrase you use>, using these practices to make you rich is the exact opposite of what you are trying to achieve. However, if you take the same principals of success that allow people to become rich and famous and apply it to achieving Christ Consciousness, Buddha Consciousness, Enlightenment, [insert phrase you like better here] and you will achieve your spiritual goal. Its that simple. Seek first the Kingdom of God and the rest will be added unto you. So, if you use the 7 harmonies, called The Practice, to achieve the Kingdom of God; YOU WILL!! Its that simple.

You have to practice harmony of actions, thoughts and will. For example. If you are an alcoholic and are determined to be sober, opening a liquor store is an action that CANCELS your goal of being sober. By making every action, thought and deed harmonious to your objective, they enhance each other similiar to the effect on the oceans known as rogue waves.

Anytime you can get seven actions, thoughts and habits to all harmonise on a specific goal, it is inevitable. The goal will be reached. How soon depends on the goal being achieved.

These are the seven harmonies of practice which when followed as detailed allow the practitioner to achieve anything, even DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS!

VISION: When you can "SEE" in your minds eye exactly what you are trying to manifest you have done the hardest part. The easiest way to do it is to write it down as if it was already a reality. since time is an illusion and the future possibilities are reality unmanifested, by accurately and specifically detailing a future possibility you bring awareness and future together which causes it become manifest. A short mantra you can make your everyday language will work as a reminder for you all day. Mine is when asked how I am doing I pause and thoughtfully say, "I am calm and centered." Or I say, "I'm Happy." That is because those two states of mind are more important to me than riches or fame.

You have the ability to "SEE" in your mind exactly what a perfect "you" would do, act like, and be. The perfect you is a calm, kind being who helps others around him or her without prejudice. This perfect individual has a motto: If I can't be part of the solution I have to make sure I'm not part of the problem." In this way you do no harm, ever and when any being, physical or spiritual interacts with you, they experience someone kind, respectful and peaceful in dealings with those beings.

By describing and affirming what habits, practices, beliefs, actions and character you should and can have, you manifest it. The secret is to habitually trying every day to become that kind of person.

DESIRE: When you DESIRE something, you give whatever that thing or characteristic is energy. Whether it is the desire to someday own a 1909 s VDB lincoln wheat cent in mint condition, or to have a loving life partner you can love and cherish for a lifetime, or even to achieve omniscient buddhahood. Rael magic happens when you combine VISION with DESIRE. Without desire it is a wish and wishes don't come true unless one can envision them and you truly desire it. The basic principal is, you can have anything you want, you just can't have everything you want. Besides, where would you put it all. But even more than things is your own character.

KNOWLEDGE:(EXPERTISE) Vision and desire are not enough. The next step is to learn everything you can about what it is you are trying to manifest in your life and become an expert on the matter. This step is essential to knowing what is needed from you in effort and faith to manifest your reality. This is how the seven harmonic practices work.

But desire, vision and knowledge still isn't enough. You have to do your part. You must give the DIVINE something to work with. It is called effort.

EFFORT: The energy to manifest your reality comes from your personal effort to make it so. In this case you actually do whatever you must to accomplish your objective. If you are not ready to put your entire life's effort into it then you don't really want it in the first place. So, if you have to post 1,000 resumes to get the job you want, you post 1,000 resumes. The efort you put into achieving your miracle is what makes the knowledge, desire and vision turn into reality. If it requires an hour of meditation a day, you find a way.

FAITH: This is a essential part of manifesting reality. Faith is not belief, it is a knowing. To achieve a doubtless state about the reality you are manifesting, is to be as certain it will come to pass as you are certain the sun will rise in the east tomorrow morning. In this case, there is no straining or effort, it is EXPECTATION. Expect it and it will happen. So as you learn and apply your personal effort, EXPECT it.

INTENTION: This is the most important part. To intend something is to fix your mind and your will / spirit to making this VISION you DESIRE which you are an EXPERT and EXPECT to happen. That is why you cheerfully put all your EFFORT into it because you are confident the time and effort is WORTH IT. Intention is a focused form of mind energy and can literally change your life as you make your dreams into reality.

HABIT: Last but not least, The six mentioned before must be done habitually and constantly. You don't just desire and intend one day. You do it every day until it is reality. Then you do everything to maintain your reality. It must become habit to do all six all the time or it like a cloud that shaded you yesterday but is no longer here. To not be habitual is to just be wishful. To be habitual is to give the reality you desire inertia to bring it into form.

I do have to give this warning.  Be careful what you ask for. Everything comes with a price, including the karmic consequences of whatever reality you manifest.  So if all you do is focus your desire on a particular automobile and you don't pay attention to the details of the loan,  you may really be hurting yourself if all you paid attention to was the monthly cost.

If you focus these harmonic practices on the highest goals of spiritual improvement, you will make spectacular progress and manifest your divine destiny.

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