Tuesday, November 7, 2017

JUDAISM FUN FACTS You can read the Old Testament from Genesis to Malachi and it never tells you how to achieve eternal life. In fact the only place it discusses it is in Genesis where it tells how Adam and Eve would die if they ate of the tree of Good and Evil. In fact, the contract between the God YHWH and the Hebrews is that they would have rain in due season and protection from their enemies if they kept the holy days and the ten commandments. Another interesting fact is that the Old Testament is only concerned with the Hebrew people. Other nations are only mentioned in historical accounts or prophecies insomuch as how they interact with Israel. YHWH makes it plain is his not the only God interacting on this planet. He just makes it plain he only wants the Israelites to worship and obey him. Once you understand YHWH is not "THE GOD" but "A GOD", it should change your entire perspective on who you are and your relationship with the divine. Stephen Boston Reluctant Messenger