Sunday, January 28, 2018


 I just had a dream about the next financial crisis. In the crisis, there was a bank holiday in which all banks were closed for 3 months. When they were opened, everybody's bank deposits had been confiscated and converted to special confidence bonds. These bonds were like treasury notes with a yield of 2 percent. They were 10-year notes and at the end of the 10 years they matured and you got your money converted to dollars. The joke was they were not called confidence bonds but confiscation bonds. There was also a provision where you could convert your bonds to certain stocks in the stock market that had a better yield from their dividend but if the stocks lost value you did too. So the so-called safe investment was the confidence bonds.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

DO ANIMALS HAVE A SOUL? This question is even asked because the whole concept of what a soul is, is misunderstood. Souls for humans or animals are somehow considered to be some discreet blob made of some invisible energy that magically inhabits a body. This is not how soul architecture works at all. A soul is much more like how mushrooms work. You might see two different mushrooms poked out of the ground but underneath, they are actually protuberances of a single mycelium mass. Their separateness is just an illusion. Regardless of whether you are a human or an animal or a plant, your soul is actually a fractal segment of what is commonly called an oversoul. What is unique to all animals, humans and such is the spirit. An analogy would be a computer. All computers run off of electricity. Electricity is the same regardless of what it is running. The bodies of the computers might be similar, but what makes them different and unique from other computers is the software. This is analogous to spirit. Technically, you don't have a soul either. Your soul has a body. Your body is an energy pattern your soul is using to participate in this realm and it is connected to and guiding the body via the spirit.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

THE ESSENTIAL BASICS OF AWAKENING Whether you call it awakening, enlightenment, ascension or growing in grace and knowledge, there is a background of information needed to make sense of it all. What I am about to tell you might not help you solve your most immediate problem(s) but it should help you with an overview so you can start toward a more peaceful and purposeful life. I can say with confidence, 20 years of intense research and a lifetime of personal experiences, some of them paranormal, that what I am about to share with you is as about as accurate as a person can get and still be human. First of all, you need to understand what you have been taught your whole life about God has been incomplete and probably misleading. I will give you an overview that will help but since it will probably be different than you have been taught, it might be offensive. If in your mental model of God, you think of God as a powerful being separate from you, and you have to please this being to avoid being punished, then I can say with total confidence you have been deceived so you can be manipulated. If what I have written has already offended you. It's best you quit reading this right now. To help you understand the grand scheme of things I am going to change the glossary a little. Instead of the word God, I am going to use the term SOURCE. In order to clarify, from now on, if I use the term God, I am not talking about "THE GOD" but a God. There are two broad realms of reality. The first realm is eternal, infinite, conscious and ineffable. It is transcendent of all other realms and is nothing like them. It is true ONENESS. It is neither big nor small, hot or cold, still or moving. It is infinite unlimited energy and it is pure awareness. This is the SOURCE of all reality. All other realms, commonly called created realms, are temporary and are filled with Gods. The one the Earth is in is no exception. You are a God. Why you are here on Earth is simple, it is a school for Gods. Instead of being all powerful and all knowing like you might have been in other realms, here you experience being limited, being mortal and being ignorant. Another common misconception about being human is you have a soul and your soul reincarnates over and over. This is an oversimplification. You do not have a soul. You are a soul and you currently are using a body to participate in this realm of experience. Even the term soul is commonly misunderstood. Many have the mental model that the soul is a blob that goes from body to body as it reincarnates. Or, some believe the soul was created by God and stuffed in your body sometime before you were born and if you don't do something about it before you die, you go to hell forever. It is way more complicated than that. The terms soul and spirit are sometimes treated as synonyms. They are not. The definitions and explanations I am about to give you are sometimes switched. What I am about to tell you about the soul, others claim that is actually the spirit and what I am about to tell you about the spirit, they will say it is the soul. The important point is the roles they play in who and what you are. The soul is transcendent of time and space and is actually a portion of SOURCE exploring the created realms. The way it explores the various realms is through the spirit. Your brain and body are actually more like a radio. The voice in the radio does not originate nor is it created by the radio. It tunes into the frequency that carries the voice or the music. Your body/mind is a receiver of the spirit. The spirit is connected back to the soul, the soul is connected back to SOURCE. So the question many people have when first waking up is, why is my life so chaotic and painful if I am finally starting to learn the truth about myself? That is because one of the reasons your higher-self chose to explore this realm is so it could learn lessons that will benefit it for eternity. One of the laws that govern this realm is cause and effect. Everything here is about movement and that which moves has something we call inertia. Let me give you an analogy that might help you understand what is going on. Imagine a water hose that has been in the bottom of a muddy pond for years and is suddenly brought out of the muck and attached to a clean water source. This is analogous to waking up. The clean water starts flowing through the hose for the first time. This is analogous to becoming enlightened. At first, only dirty, muddy water comes out of the hose and it only later, after its all cleared out that clean pure water flows through the hose. This is analogous to ascension. So let me summarize because, for some, this was a lot to be exposed to in a short amount of time. For others, this might have been a review of stuff you had already learned. 1) GOD exists as an infinite, eternal, consciousness in a realm transcendent of time and space and that aspect of GOD is incomprehensible. I call this part of GOD, SOURCE. 2) The teaching you have had about God up to now was probably about a being who exists in this realm for the purpose of being worshiped and doesn't necessarily have your best interest at heart. If you haven't been taught how to escape this realm and to ascend to a higher-level of experience and purpose, then you have been taught something intended to deceive you and limit you. It's beyond the scope of this article to delve into how deep the rabbit hole goes. 3) You are simultaneously soul, spirit, and body and the body is the only part of you that is temporary. Your empathic abilities and other extra-sensory abilities are becoming stronger because you are identifying with your spirit and less with this world and your body. 4) Your ultimate destiny is beyond Earth, but the lessons learned here will be invaluable to your true self forever. From its perspective, any suffering and pain you experience while here is worth it. Stephen Boston