Saturday, July 14, 2018

Genesis to Malachi

You can read the Old Testament from Genesis to Malachi and not once does YHWH threaten Israel with Hell or promise them Heaven.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Ascension Symptoms

It's easy to associate physical and emotional symptoms to ascension once you have discounted classic physical causes like lack of sleep or inadequate hydration. However, there are more subtle symptoms you might be missing or are assuming they must be signs you are losing your mind.
I am not talking about true forgetfulness. I am talking about having something disappear that should not disappear. And even more frustrating showing back up right where you knew it was supposed to be all along. This is a classic symptom of timeline shifting. The reason you are shifting timelines is that you are leaving one for one your energy is compatible with.
This is very similar to # One. However, this is slightly different in its mechanism. In the first one, you are literally having objects disappear because they have either moved or don't exist in your new timeline. In the case of dreams where you lose things, it is because your timeline shift occurred while you were asleep and you can feel it and your dream interprets as a loss. A common dream is you can't find your car. Even though you search the parking lot or parking structure you left it in, you can't find it and you are almost overwhelmed by the feeling of missing something. In this case, you have not made a personal timeline shift like you experience while awake and can't find an object. In this case, you have shifted to a new timeline the entire planet is experiencing. Another example will be losing your keys or your wallet. Everyone who is maturing spiritually will cause the entire planet to shift once a certain tipping point is achieved. You will feel it as you sleep and as a result, your dream state will process it as losing something very important to you.
This is a very important experience. The most common experience, in this case, is being somewhere far from home and you have to walk a long way to get home. You might find yourself hitchhiking or trying to catch a plane or train home. This is because your personal ascension is for the purpose of returning to SOURCE. Every time you make spiritual progress that makes it easier for you to return to SOURCE you will have a dream you are going home but have a long way to go.
In this case, you will keep seeing a certain number pattern like 12:34 or 11:11 or 12:12. Another version of this is waking up at the exact same time and seeing 3:33 or 4:44 or some other meaningful coincidence. Sometimes you will feel compelled to look at the time and see the same number pattern you saw yesterday. This only occurs in those who are connected to their higher-self. Your higher-self wants to connect with you and influence you but it won't do it in obvious ways like making the dog talk to you. But it might drive you to distraction by having you see a certain colored feather over and over or getting an email, a text and hearing a song on the radio about a certain subject all in a short amount of time. The reason this is so important is because it is your higher-self who planned your life here and is most invested in you achieving the goals needed for ascension. Only you can figure out what your higher-self is trying to tell you but it is your higher self you can be assured of that.
You have heard the saying, 'many are called but few are chosen.' That is because in your timeline most of the people you interact with are asleep. They are like computer-generated characters. They will faithfully execute the programming society and their culture has programmed them with. From their perspective, they will think of themselves as self-directed self-aware individuals but they basically are organic computers. You, on the other hand, are actually changing your programming and are going through the exhausting and scary process of unlearning and deprogramming yourself. Those around you will not understand and you will also possibly find yourself an enemy of the state if you are too aggressive in trying to change the system. This waking up to the realization the system around you is designed to make it so an elite few benefits at the expense of the vast majority will make you both unpopular and a target. It is also one of your most obvious ascension symptoms.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Source is....

SOURCE is infinite energy. Energy expresses itself as different patterns. If SOURCE is composed of an infinite number of energy patterns, then every pattern has an anti-pattern that cancels it out. Two energy patterns that cancel each other out create the illusion of nothingness. SOURCE is infinite energy that appears as nothingness. To explore a specific pattern, SOURCE separates these patterns. Scientist sees an example of this in our vacuum of space in the phenomenon of virtual particles. This is why reality has what we call duality. Opposites. Hot, cold. Fast, slow. Big and small. SOURCE is not dual it is true ONENESS. It has no big or small, hot or cold, stillness or movement. It must create a reality based on duality to experience these attributes. This is why mystics over the centuries find it so difficult to explain what oneness with SOURCE is like. It cannot be truly described, but it can be experienced. This is why meditation is a key component of a spiritual life.

Friday, June 22, 2018

Soul Spirit connection

The terms soul and spirit are sometimes treated as synonyms. They are not. The soul is transcendent of time and space and is actually a portion of SOURCE exploring the created realms. The way it explores the various realms is through the spirit. Your brain and body are actually more like a radio. The voice in the radio does not originate nor is it created by the radio. It tunes into the frequency that carries the voice or the music. Your body/mind is a receiver of the spirit. The spirit is connected back to the soul, the soul is connected back to SOURCE.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

What is SOURCE?

There are two types of realms. The eternal realm is SOURCE. True ONENESS. No big or small, hot or cold, movement or stillness. It is eternal infinite conscious energy. All other realms come from this eternal realm. There are an infinite number of ways energy can be manifested and the various universes and realms of experience are SOURCE exploring itself. In these realms are Gods. You are one of them. The Earth realm is a special realm where Gods learn to experience limit, ignorance, and mortality. The ancient mystics say creation is how God explores God.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Male Female Energy in Creation

There are two types of energy, one is passive and one is active. The passive energy is essentially the full potential, all possibilities in an unmanifested state. This is passive and is commonly called feminine energy. The second type of energy is active energy and is activated when a choice, decision or observation is made which plucks one possibility out of a field of infinite possibilities. This activation or choice manifests a specific energy pattern. This active energy is commonly called masculine. So Mother God contains all possibilities in her energy field and Father God activates or chooses which one to be made manifest. I believe a more accurate label would be 'Passive Source' and 'Active Source.' In the uncreated realm where true oneness exists both passive and active energy exist simultaneously and are indistinguishable. In created realms is where their oppositeness is perceptible as is all opposites made possible outside the Absolute SOURCE Realm which is transcendent of all created realms.