Sunday, January 21, 2018

DO ANIMALS HAVE A SOUL? This question is even asked because the whole concept of what a soul is, is misunderstood. Souls for humans or animals are somehow considered to be some discreet blob made of some invisible energy that magically inhabits a body. This is not how soul architecture works at all. A soul is much more like how mushrooms work. You might see two different mushrooms poked out of the ground but underneath, they are actually protuberances of a single mycelium mass. Their separateness is just an illusion. Regardless of whether you are a human or an animal or a plant, your soul is actually a fractal segment of what is commonly called an oversoul. What is unique to all animals, humans and such is the spirit. An analogy would be a computer. All computers run off of electricity. Electricity is the same regardless of what it is running. The bodies of the computers might be similar, but what makes them different and unique from other computers is the software. This is analogous to spirit. Technically, you don't have a soul either. Your soul has a body. Your body is an energy pattern your soul is using to participate in this realm and it is connected to and guiding the body via the spirit.

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