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I want to meet GOD right now!

The second time Chester had an out of body experience he was ready.  He had done what research he could in the Master's library to help prepare him for the dangers and pleasures that supposedly awaited him.  At first, he was confused until he realized that half of the material was referring to lucid dreaming and the other of the soul actually leaving the body and traveling to others dimensions and realms.  It's not fair to call them universes, it's more accurate to call them realms.

Chester's first experiment with creating an out of body experience, he instead had a lucid dream.  In essence, a lucid dream allows one to explore your inner self and astral projecting allows you to explore your outer self.  It took Chester a long time to truly comprehend what it meant to explore the outer self.  In his first lucid dream, Chester had four burly characters show up and were about to forcibly take him somewhere.  He laughed and said, "You don't have any power over me." The dream character with the curly hair sneered and laughed, "Oh yeah?  There are four of us and only one of you."

In a leap of understanding Chester felt a thrill go through him that was so intense, he almost woke up. Once he had controlled his emotions he calmly told the curly thug that they were all just characters in his dream and he wasn't going anywhere with them.  This caused quite a stir among the thugs who insisted they "we ain't dream characters".  One even pleaded, "You don't understand, we were sent by our boss to come get you.  I tell you what, next time you dream you come with us then, okay?"

This reluctant agreement of the dream characters that they were just that seemed so incongruous, the conflict caused Chester to wake up.  The dream was so intense, and it didn't fade like most dreams, the memory was there like a bright spot on a dull wall.  Chester went on to have other lucid dreams, but astral traveling was different.  In fact, Chester remembers now of many dreams when he was quite young of traveling the neighborhood every morning at dawn and watching men drive away in their automobiles. He had always assumed they were just dreams until one morning, one of the cars backed into a metal trash can set out for the garbage truck.  Trash spilled all over and the driver was visibly upset as he cleaned up the mess and set the garbage can, now with an obvious dent on the side, by the curb.  After the driver had left the scene of his embarrassment,  Chester thought nothing of it until later that day, as he was outside playing, he noticed the garbage can across the street was dented just like in his dream. On his young mind, it was no mystery, it just meant his dream came true.  It never occurred to him that he had actually soul traveled above his house and watched the actual incident.  This memory gave Chester confidence.  Obviously, it wasn't impossible and he had done it back in his early childhood because he hadn't been taught such things were impossible yet.

The ancient texts spoke of several techniques but Chester chose to lie down on his back since he sometimes would lose his balance if he went to sleep while meditating cross-legged in the middle of the floor.  He wasn't quite sure when it happened, at some point after closing his eyes he realized he was seeing the room around him, yet from the perspective of standing.  He had to turn around to see his body laying on the bed.  He felt himself smirk which turned into pure curiosity.  How do I go up through the roof?  In answer, as he looked up his perspective changed and he shot up and was almost instantly above the entire building complex that was the Master's estate.  Over there were the gardens that had built into their design a way to recycle and store water under the very place it was needed most.  He could see the contemplation path as it meandered among the many plants and trees until it ended at the contemplation pond.  He didn't mean to but the pleasant memories of hours by the contemplation pond, somehow gave his perspective energy and he rushed until he was standing next to the contemplation pond.  It was in one way jarring and in another way totally natural.  As he contemplated the significance of himself traveling anywhere he desired, he had to ponder a moment, what did he truly desire?  All the times he had spent here in this beautiful glade with the soft grass and shimmering pond, he had contemplated most often about GOD.  He had to solve this mystery.  Either GOD existed or it didn't.   With a leap of insight, he used the principles taught to him by the Master on how to manifest anything desired and felt his intention gather and he spoke to the pond.  "I want to be with GOD now."

Behind him, a brilliant light appeared and a thought that was his yet wasn't instigated by him questioned him, "Aren't we getting ahead of ourselves?"
Chester turned, a brilliant light composed of millions of colors, many he had never seen before, overwhelmed him, he tried to shield himself from the light but it was as if his imaginary hand wasn't there.  He tried turning away but suddenly there was no there.  All dimensions and orientations faded and all that there was a terrible light and he cried in anguish, "please no, your too bright."
"Oh sorry." the light said as it dimmed to become just a ripple of purple that looked like a mirror and yet a portal.  He saw his reflection in the mirror as a contrast of bright and light purple.  It seemed reasonable to talk to it, yet it wasn't talking, he was using telepathy.  He had a wave of cognitive dissonance, he realized the thoughts were his, yet he also could tell that something that wasn't himself was generating the thoughts. The mirror shrugged and said, "How is this?"

Chester paused, now the purple mirror image of himself was talking to him.  Was he going crazy or did his thoughts and desires manifest so quickly that he couldn't tell if he was doing the manifesting or it was done for him.
"It's okay, being confused is perfectly normal at this stage.  Normally, you wouldn't be experiencing something like this unless you had died.  This is the "dying without dying" you puzzled over in one of the old texts in your Master's library."

Chester had to ask, "Are you GOD?"
His purple reflection looked apologetic, "Yes and no."
"Oh no, you sound just like the Master.  Next, you're going to tell me it all depends on my perspective and personal experience.  Ok, I get it.  You are my guardian angel and you are using the purple mirror trick to give me something  familiar to interact with."
His purple reflection shrugged and said, "Like I said you are really getting ahead of yourself.  I'm surprised I didn't anticipate this but you have been in the presence of a Divine Master for over a year now. The plan was to show you everything in an order that made sense and let you process it in layers so you could get the big picture."

Chester decided to go for it.  If his desires truly were being manifested instantly and there were no limits in this realm of reality he decided no more waiting.  "If you aren't GOD then I insist I be with GOD right this instant!"
The purple image poofed into a great cloud of purple and suddenly he was whizzing by galaxies, then he popped out of the universe and streak of a million images flashed by.  In one way he couldn't process it all and it was just a blur of a zillion colors, yet simultaneously he was slowly and deliberately at one, in mindfulness, knowing, experiencing, understanding every detail, every moment in pure ecstatic love and wisdom."  Then it all coalesced into a beautiful courtyard of gold and jewels.  Before him was a gigantic door and on either side were what appeared to be Egyptian Gods.  One had the body of a man and the head of a raven and the other had a body of a woman and the head of a cow.  They both bowed to him then opened the giant double doors.  He took one step forward and was there.

He was with GOD.  Or to be perfectly accurate, he was GOD.  It made perfect sense, All was right. He remembered exactly where he was, who he was and why he had left.  There he was.  Nowhere and everywhere.  He was neither male nor female.  There was no time, no end, no beginning, no ending.  There was neither movement nor stillness.  It was both brilliantly bright and totally dark.  The sum total of everything that had ever happened, was happening, was going to happen, was simultaneously part of him yet he was not attached in any way to anything.  He just was.  There was nothing that resembled many or few.  There was no size.  It was neither infinitely large or infinitely small yet it had no boundaries.  There was no hot nor was there cold.  There was everything and nothing.  The conundrum of the obvious was ever present and boring in a very exciting way.  Then he remembered why he left.  It was always like this.  It never changed and a billion years or a billionth of a second were the same thing.  It took forever but he instantly remembered he had to leave.  Two giant doors opened and he was once again in the courtyard.  As he stepped out the doors behind him were closed and the God with the head of a raven handed him a thick stack of papers.  He glanced down.  He just knew that the papers he held were an allegory of trillions of new universes that were ready to be explored once created and he was supposed to choose which those should be.  Once he had chosen which universe or realm was to become manifest, he was to hand them to the Goddess with the head of a cow and she would give birth to them.  There he was again.  Now he remembered. He used to stand here forever and chose which realms of existence were to be created for exploration and discovery, yet until he was finished, he couldn't do any discovery or exploration for himself.  Before he was even half-way through the first trillion candidates, the God to his right was handing him another sheaf of papers, this time twice as thick as the first stack.  He grinned, took the heavy thick bundle, handed them all to the Goddess, essentially saying let them all become manifest and he was able to walk away from the Door of Infinite Possibilities.  As he looked back he saw the doors open and he saw himself step out only to be handed a sheaf of papers by the God guarding the doors of infinite possibilities.  He watched in amazement as his doppelganger started investigating just as he had before.  He turned around and there before his view was a giant city, and there one part of the city was beckoning to him.  It was an amusement park and he leaned forward and was there, ready for fun and distraction.  At that moment, he woke up and sat up and he was little old Chester again.  He was a former atheist who had just met GOD and it was him.

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