Sunday, March 19, 2017

How God's Came To Be

I'll just get to the point.  You are an eternal being who left source eons ago possibly aeons ago and have been exploring creation.  What most people call God is just another being exploring the various realms of experience as we are.  GOD, is actually the sum total of everything and is everything that has existed, does exist, will exist and in addition to that GOD is also the sum total of all that is transcendent of creation and is eternal, infinite, unbounded, timeless, without form or texture and is pure consciousness.

Once GOD discovered it could create, and that the creation was essentially a portion of itself that it could explore, it began sending out tendrils of its infinite consciousness into the newly created realm.  In order to understand how this creation and exploration works, you need to understand what is GOD made of?  GOD is made of Spirit and Soul.  This is the first super duper important piece of information that has become lost in the world's religions.  Today, for many, Spirit and Soul are synonyms.  There are synonyms much like ice and steam are.  Yes, they are both composed of water, but they are exhibiting two different states of water.  Soul stuff makes up the infinite possibilities contained within a vast, unlimited passive awareness.  Spirit is a state of energy related to Soul, that plucks a single possibility from the infinite by active awareness.  What we call God the Father is the active Spirit Energy discovering specific possibilities from an infinite set which is what we call God the Mother.

At first, as GOD explored creations, the explorations would operate such that a single pulse of active consciousness would explore a segment of the passive consciousness.  GOD is pure infinite energy, and creation is how GOD is exploring the infinite number of ways that energy can manifest and intermingle.  Infinite variety and infinite diversification requires eternity to explore.

So, here is a way to introduce Angels and Demons.  In the beginning, in essence, what happened was that every time God sent off a segment of its infinite consciousness to explore a "Universe", it created an Angel.  Later, after that Angel had explored the reality completely, it would return to "SOURCE", and its experiences and memories would become added to the infinite memory of GOD.  Perhaps this is what many call The Akashic Records.

At first, these Angels were known as The Watchers.  They would enter a created universe or realm, explore it by watching the evolution of the creation makes its way from the beginning to its end.  Everything that has a beginning has an end and even aeons come to an end.  When the Universe came to an end, so did their watching and they returned to SOURCE.

At some point in the history of eternity, everything that could be explored passively had been explored.  Every pattern, color, energy interaction, every form of softness, hardness, roughness, smoothness and everything in between, Hot, Cold, Fire, Ice.... everything had been explored.  All that was left was to re-explore it all over again.

However, something was missing.  Up to this point, realities had been explored from the perspective of omniscience, omnipotence, omnipresent and all at once in a gestalt of all knowing, all seeing, all hearing, all feeling, all comprehending. In its unlimited nature, by definition, it was blind to what it was missing which was, a perspective that was limited, unknowing,  and wasn't everywhere all at once but was here but not there.  A perspective that had limited energy, knowledge and options.  This was missing from the experiences of the infinite realities created and explored.  This is where the concept of choice and free will were "discovered or created."

Let me give a poor analogy that might be useful. Let's say a pattern emerges that looks like a planet with 100 billion trees on it. Each different tree must be individually looked at, separate from all of the others trees so that the Infinite All can experience the gestalt of the pattern along with the minutia down to the bark and leaves. To do this, awareness temporarily creates an individual unit that looks like a modern day monkey or ape. Until every tree is personally examined and experienced by the monkey, the full pattern is not realized. 100 billion monkeys living in 100 billion trees for 100 years. After the 100 years the monkeys, the tree, and the planet go back into the infinite energy as memory, its patterns and lessons recorded forever.

The next time this pattern is examined it is done with choice added. Every monkey for every tree is how it begins but each monkey is given free will. When just one monkey decides that it wants more than one tree a new pattern emerges never seen before. Conflict, destruction, and death emerge. Also, cooperation, creating and life emerges as never before seen patterns.

Once choice was introduced into every universal pattern ever discovered the patterns of conflict and cooperation emerged. Two sides of the same coin, one creates the other destroys. It has been thus ever since.

The Genesis of Persistent Non-Unity

At the end of every universe is a concluding enrapture moment when the entire awareness that had just journeyed through the universe as its eyes and ears, is reabsorbed into the infinite consciousness. Consider it like this. At the end of the 100 years, one of the monkeys refuses to reabsorb. It allowed its free will to its logical conclusion. Rebellion. Over Eternity a lot of these rebels 'out lived' their Universes.

Over the eons, the Universes became more complex and longer lasting until, at the end, one of the awareness units refused to be reabsorbed. At the end of an extremely long lasting universal pattern of complex choices made by the awareness unit acting out all of the parts and being able to absorb all of those characters it generated back unto itself, it instead refused gestalt reabsorption and went looking for another universe similar to the one that just ended. Awareness had discovered the patterns of attachment.

An example that crops up in your physical existence is addictions. Think of attachments as emotional addictions. If one plays an online game that is addicting, the reason your cyber character exists is because you aren't bored with the game. Just as when you get bored with the game, your cyber character ceases to exist because the animating force THAT MADE IT REAL IS GONE.

SOMEDAY we will become bored with being physical human beings and will quit incarnating. Until then attachment will bring the spirit back to play in the physical.

The Sons of God

One of the most interesting aspects of giving awareness unit the power of choice is what is called the "Law of Unintended Consequences."

By creating an infinite number of universes, and an infinite number of awareness units to experience them, in retrospect it was inevitable one would decide not to reabsorb. But once this new pattern began to manifest, the number of non-reabsorb able awareness units, i.e. Gods, began to accumulate.

The Infinite Consciousness then had to "discover" a way to get these "rebellious" awareness units to reabsorb. That is how planet earth came into being, so to speak. As the epochs came and went the number of gods had swelled to the billions and billions. Over time, new universes were created for the express purpose of helping the Gods to finally reabsorb back into the infinite consciousness.

The universe you exist in is one of these designer universes. The conditions which allow certain forms of life to flourish exist all over the universe in the multitude of galaxies spinning in an ever expanding cosmos.

The earth was specifically designed to be a paradise of carbon-based life forms. The project was assigned to the Elohim, who have been tending to your planet since it was discovered and assigned to them.

But to be fair, there is another spiritual force at work on planet Earth. Just as some of the gods incarnating on earth are actively seeking union with the Infinite, there are others just as actively resisting union with the Infinite.

Both find Earth as an ideal place to further their goals and objectives. Some are drawing close to the Father and others are trying to become independent of the Father. Just as the primordial eternal forces are passive vs active energy, the Ying and Yang of Awareness Units journeying the universes is "Union vs Independence" of the Infinite Consciousness...

I hope this gives you context for the incredible reality you are experiencing in life day to day.

Stephen aka Chester

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