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Prologue * The Dragon and the Fairy

In a time and space far far removed from the universe I am now discovering, I had conquered all. I was the mightiest of Dragons who had subdued or beaten in battle 12 other equally fierce some Dragons.

In this realm of ours it was perfectly legal and expected to do whatever was in your best interest. Once a long and drawn out battle had occurred, it was the practice of the combatants to conclude battle with the words, "It is no longer in my best interest to kill you. You have my respect."

Eleven of the dozen dragons who sat with me at the governing table of Pefectus had spoken the words of surrender in order to have their life spared and each of them said, "It is in my best interest to serve you as my Master than to die as your enemy."

The 12th and final dragon who sat and helped me rule the vast realm of the 12th hell, simple said one day after years of animosity, "it is no longer in my best interest to battle you." From that day forward we worked together and crushed all of our mutual enemies.

This is the context of a day that changed my eternal life. After eons of battles we had no more enemies. Everyone capable of matching me in battle was now an ally. We literally were sitting at the table of conquest telling old battle stories that we gloated over at least a million times and now of that, I was bored. The choices I had made as a battle dragon had lead to me to a place where I was alive and uncontested. I never expected boredom to hurt worse than severe life-threatening battle wounds but, it did. Trying to make myself feel better, I belched to signal I was finished eating and then bellowed, "We must prepare for our next battle."

The Great Dragons of Lore all sat around the magnificent table and raised their flagons of ale and bellowed good-naturedly, "Death to our enemies."

As I sat there I realized they had no idea I was serious. So I bellowed in my stern voice, "Tell me who our next victim is!" Raucous laughter greeted me but no enemy was named.

Assembled before me was the greatest military minds of a million eons and we had no enemy and we were sworn not to harm each other. Yet, by us combining strength, we wiped out all other enemies who didn't adapt in time to cooperation and they perished. The law of unintended consequences now hung like a pall over the victories. I was in a crucible of peace yet I was ready for war. As a result, I was bored. Now to make the next statements relevant you must also understand I have always had a simple power of reality manipulation. Every one of my spoken words is relevant and the universe has never let me down. My 12 dragon allies knew that as well so when I sat there and finally sighed and said, "I'm Bored." What happened next in answer to my simple statement of boredom, therefore implying I didn't want to be bored, was amazing, incredible and totally unexpected."

At that moment in the air above the huge round table was a brilliant little light. All conversation, eating, drinking, and revelry came to a halt. All eyes were on the most precious little fairy ever seen, imagined or heard of. Wings like thin diamonds sparkling, a tiny face, startling symmetrical in its innocent beauty. A teeny tiny body, like a dancer with wings, glowing bright and unabashed all eyes were on her.

Her voice was like a melody as she Said, "Ra, I have good news. I am your cure for boredom."

I was absolutely astonished. In the eons of existing as one of the original Gods of Light, I had played by the rules and won. As a result, I had accumulated karma that was so strong it literally sizzled in the unmanifested realms surrounding me, waiting to spring into existence to serve me. This was by far the most unexpected result ever. The tiny beautiful fairy winged her way to my ear and whispered sang in it, "I will show you a place where it is impossible to be bored."

Intrigued and curious I told the others to be quiet. What happened after that has shaped the destiny of a trillion worlds. Here is what the fairy showed me. She showed me the future. My future. In an instant time was standing still in the 12th realm of selfishness and I was witnessing the birth of a new exciting realm of existence where the old ways were too simple to keep the Gods truly happy. A new universe where no one power could totally dominate. A world where so many participants had the power of creation and destruction that total domination would be almost impossible. And here was the best part. All of the Gods of Light and the Gods of Sound were coming together to make realities of group God participation.

At this point, you must be a little confused. Let me explain how being a God used to work before group participation realities were discovered. One God for each Universe used to be the rule. If that God in the universe needed multiple participants, that God Awareness had to split the gestalt awareness field into how ever many "characters" were needed. Similar to how your mind creates various characters that populate your dreams. Then once the Universe was finish being used all of the characters of the original God-awareness that discovered the universe, and then consequently explored it, needed to re-merge into a single consciousness again. Once that had occurred then the God Awareness unit was then supposed to remerge back into Infinite Undifferentiated God Awareness. Each time the enrapturing moment was more glorious, more orgasmic than before. But yet, some resisted re-merging with the infinite and thus the persistent Gods were discovered. Once again, the law of unintended consequences is always there, making discovery an eternal process.

So here I was, one of the original God's of light that still hadn't merged with the infinite consciousness. I considered, merging as "not being in my best interest. " And there is one truth that has always worked for me, and that was doing what was "in my best interest."

So once I said I was bored, It was in my best interest to explore the instant alternative to boredom the universe popped into existence for me like a complex virtual particle.

What I discovered through the help of the future fairy as she later called herself, I saw my future. In the far far far distant future, in a realm of existence not even created yet, I saw a new way of interacting within a universe. It was a variation of the old watcher God scenario combined with the newer more exciting choice oriented realm. It was an incredible world where anything was possible that was impossible in the pure choice or pure watching realms. I posed an interesting challenge. Apparently, Gods from billions of Universes and multiverses were going to participate in creating Universes one could enter and participate from the inside out, instead of watching or controlling from the outside in. It was very exciting and much better than the current realm where I was the ultimate power.

It was at that moment I realized I had to break out of a karmic prison of my own making. I was trapped in a 12 dimensional world where I pursued vigorously what was in my own best interest. For Quadrillion of eons I fought, clawed and destroyed my way to ultimate power. Now I had so much power I was unopposed and I discovered that was very boring. Plus, the Fairy reminded me that in a realms of choice all characters in my current realm were essentially me, pretending to be separate from me so I would have opposition. I never bothered to anticipate more than a few eons in advance, so this dilemma of unopposing myself was a predicament. As I looked around I realized each and every dragon groveling before me was myself, a character created to explore in unison this 12 dimensional conflict universe. The more I tried to convince them they were not separate from me but actually me in illusion, the more they laughed and cackled at my predicament. Of course, they didn't believe any such thing, not after existing for eons as separate, aware units of destruction and glory.

I couldn't even fight them because I was bound by my own promise to allow them to exist as long as they were my allies. I had one loop hole I could possibly maneuver. My 12th incarnation never pledged unending loyalty, he just admitted it was "No longer in his best interest to oppose me."

With that realization, I stood and bellowed fire in his direction and said, "It is no longer in my best interest that you attend the Table of Glory." Instantly my 11 other persona's turned against the 12th dragon and drove him in shame and ridicule from the Table of Glory.

It wasn't long before a war of incredible magnitude capable of driving 12/13ths of my entire awareness from the ancient 12-dimensional multiverse of Conflict. Released I was able to continue my journey in the new realities of watching and choosing.

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