Wednesday, March 29, 2017

by Stephen Boston

It's actually quite rare for people to change as most are the equivalent of "computer programs" operating on ego. However, a certain percentage of people are actually here to change and their higher-self will force the change through a life changing event, a serious illness, near death experience, loss of a loved one, etc. Sudden change for the better is a spiritual awakening and was part of the life plan. A sudden change for the worse that spirals into self-destructive behavior is an admission of the higher-self that this lifetime isn't going to "work out as planned."

One of the most powerful spiritual truths someone can become aware of is the "Higher-self." Many people who feel they have an intimate relationship with the divine will call name this relationship as God, Guardian Angel, Spirit Guide, The Subconscious, or Psychic Abilities. But the truth is that you are an eternal being, infinite in nature and are a fragment of Infinite Eternal Consciousness better described as SOURCE. 

This CREATOR SOURCE has for aeons been exploring the created realms as a way to explore itself. Fractal fragments of itself repeat itself endlessly into the various realms of experience including our Universe. These fragments of itself are what is commonly called souls. Some of these are powerful spirit beings known as Gods or Goddesses. It turns out your true self is also one of these divine beings and some of them have chosen to incarnate on Earth. However, the incarnation process isn't one where an independent blob of spirit inserts itself into a body. It's more similar to a portion of that infinite consciousness extruding itself into this reality and attaching itself to the body. 

Your true self, the Higher-self can actually do this simultaneously in various realms and universes and can even do so in parallel here on Earth. Earth is one of the most challenging yet possibly rewarding places a God or Goddess can physically incarnate. The Earth vibrates at such a low level of frequency and is so slow and dense, the feedback loop of the consciousness attached to the body back to the higher self is blocked or is weak. However, using synchronicities, intuitive insights, unexplained life events event disasters and calamities, the higher-self can and does guide and mold the life of the incarnated portion of itself. So most sudden life changes are an attempt of the higher-self to make contact, learn lessons and to grow spiritually.
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