Friday, April 7, 2017

The Gift.

I want to give you a gift. If you find the gift unacceptable for any reason, please do not share negative energy with others concerning it, just ignore it.

Imagine you are sitting cross-legged on the edge of an abyss. I am sitting cross-legged across from you. Pooling in your lap is a black sphere growing larger very slowly. You can see all of the negative experiences you have ever had playing out like a high-speed movie in the sphere. 
As you look up you can see me holding another sphere that is bright and you can feel the love emanating from it. The joy you feel from the sphere causes you to see in your mind all of the positive and loving experiences you have ever had. I toss the bright shimmering ball of love to you. Catching the intense love ball causes the ball of hate and anger to fall out of your lap into the abyss. As soon as the ball of negative energy falls the shimmering ball of intense love and joy explodes infusing you with infinite love causing your consciousness to expand and your body to resonate to a higher frequency. You are now in alignment with the New Earth. Keep your focus on love and all positive feelings. To stay aligned with love avoid all negative emotions. 

If you have accepted this gift share it with others. The more people on earth who vibrate to the divine frequency of love and joy the sooner we can all live in the utopia of Christ Consciousness. I love you so much. Please accept my gift and help the entire Earth.

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