Sunday, April 16, 2017

Part 2. Secret of the Ages

Of course, it is difficult to accept that you are creating your own reality without proof.  The idea of an infinite number of realities existing for you to choose from and you basically experience your own personal private reality is probably not how reality was taught to you by your parents, your schools or your churches.

It's quite possible you have been taught that an all powerful Engineer designed and architected the Universe to exacting specifications and laid out its destiny in advance and nothing would surprise him.  You might have been taught that just recently, after working on the Universe for eternity, it has been set in motion and its all in God's Master Plan for his creation.

To learn you have an active part in the creation of reality and you are responsible for your reality, can be disorienting.  Many have been taught that their salvation and eternal future requires an energy of some sort outside of you to save you.  That, somehow you are not worthy of eternal happiness and must be punished for your mistakes.  One way I have seen it explained is this, "You are not punished for your sins, but by your sins."  In essence, if you are vibrating with a violent energy, you will experience reality much different than someone vibrating in a peaceful way. To help you process this concept, I will introduce you to data easily available on the internet that supports the secret that you create your own reality.

Part 2.  The Mandel Effect

Probably the most amazing development in the understanding of how consciousness affects reality in what is now known as the Mandela Effect.  If this is new to you, let me summarize.  Recently Mandela died.  But what surprised many people, his death in Early December 2013 caused a lot of people to come forward and claim, they remember Mandela dying in prison many years earlier.  This and many other alternate memories of history are now commonly referred to as the Mandela Effect.  A cool way to introduce people to the Mandela Effect is with a simple fill in the blanks quiz.

1. The Berenst_in Bears.

2. Sex ___ the City

3. _____, Mirror on the wall.

4. _____, I am your Father!

5. Interview with __ Vampire

6. “It’s a beautiful day in ___ neighborhood.”

7. And the ____ will lay down with the Lamb.

8.  “Life ___ like a box of chocolates.”

9.  Fr__t Loops

10. Looney T___s

I will show you the answers.  If they seem wrong, then it's possible you have recently shifted realities.  If you can shift to a reality different than the one you grew up in, then it stands to reason we can also shift realities to our advantage.

1. The Berenstain Bears.

2. Sex and the City

3. Magic, Mirror on the wall.

4. No! I am your Father!

5. Interview with the Vampire

6. “It’s a beautiful day in this neighborhood.”

7. And the Wolf will lay down with the Lamb.

8.  “Life was like a box of chocolates.”

9.  Froot Loops

10. Looney Tunes

You can puzzle over why you remember it differently later.  If our reality can change and shift in such a manner, then it is proof that the future is not some 'set in stone' destiny we can't avoid.  It's actually a very fluid energy field we create.  There is one other proof of multiple realities. That will be covered in Part 3.

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