Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Our Universe

The energy that makes up space/atoms/electrons has always existed. Before the big bang all of the energy that is currently making up atoms and electromagnetic waveforms, were so compressed they canceled each other out. Remember, the big bang released equal amounts of matter and anti-matter. The "laws of physics" that allowed our reality to manifest was a tiny quirk that allowed just a teeny tiny bit of matter to survive whereas almost all anti-matter was annihilated. Do a google search and "why is there more matter than anti-matter in our universe" if you want the scientific explanation how this could happen. What is probably the most limited aspect of trying to answer the question of how our Universe was created is the mindset there is just one universe. Once again, there are at least 10 to the 500 power different configurations for universes with our type of energy makeup, That doesn't even begin to describe the infinite number of other "energy realms" with makeups absolutely different than ours. Our universe has two primary energy patterns. Vortexes and waves. There are universes and realms of experience that are composed of basic energy forms complete different than ours. Some of us have been exploring various realms of existence for quadrillions of eons and have just recently been incarnating on Earth. Earth is in a unique realm as this is a realm where opposites are merging again. This allows us to choose our path back to SOURCE.

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