Tuesday, November 7, 2017

JUDAISM FUN FACTS You can read the Old Testament from Genesis to Malachi and it never tells you how to achieve eternal life. In fact the only place it discusses it is in Genesis where it tells how Adam and Eve would die if they ate of the tree of Good and Evil. In fact, the contract between the God YHWH and the Hebrews is that they would have rain in due season and protection from their enemies if they kept the holy days and the ten commandments. Another interesting fact is that the Old Testament is only concerned with the Hebrew people. Other nations are only mentioned in historical accounts or prophecies insomuch as how they interact with Israel. YHWH makes it plain is his not the only God interacting on this planet. He just makes it plain he only wants the Israelites to worship and obey him. Once you understand YHWH is not "THE GOD" but "A GOD", it should change your entire perspective on who you are and your relationship with the divine. Stephen Boston Reluctant Messenger

Thursday, October 12, 2017


The mainstream view of GOD is an entity or being separate from oneself that you need to bargain with and please in order to get a positive response to your prayer. The missing piece of information most people need is the understanding of the higher-self. Some call it the guardian angel, spirit guide or from a more secular perspective the subconscious. However, your true self is transcendent of time and space and a portion of your infinite, eternal consciousness has been extruded into this slow 3d MATRIX and is currently attached to and is identifying with the body. How well you connect with the divine is how well you connect with and enable your higher-self to successfully navigate the infinite possibilities of this experience realm. You can think of your higher-self as the portion of GOD dedicated to you. A more accurate metaphor is that your body is an avatar for your consciousness to play here. You make requests to your higher self via prayer, you get answers via meditation and the synchronicities and coincidences that flow in your life afterward. You no longer need to bargain with God when you pray because you have your best interest at heart. But you do need to trust your higher-self to have the perspective of your life plan as it answers your prayers, and how it answers your prayers.

Monday, September 25, 2017

PANENTHEISM The term panentheism (meaning "all-in-God") was coined by German idealist philosopher Karl Christian Friedrich Krause (1781-1832), in the process of replacing scholarly notions of the transcendent God with a more participatory notion of the divine. Derived from the Greek words pan (all), en (in) and theos (God), this term refers to the belief that the world is in God, who in turn is in the world. Panentheism, however, is meant to be different from pantheism, which ontologically equates the universe with God. Thus, the panentheistic God is both an immanent force within all creation, and the transcendent power over the universe. There are two types of panentheism: 1) the type of panentheism that is partially pantheistic, claiming that the entirety of the universe is contained within God as a part of God, who is, of course, more than the universe that is only a part of God; and 2) the kind of panentheism that sees the ontological distinction between the world and God, when saying that both are immanent in each other. source: New World Encyclopedia

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Why is the world going through turmoil right now?

I sometimes get answers to questions in a way I can't prove to others that the answer is valid, so as a result I never share them. I am going to make an exception this time because it's too important of a question and so are the answers. The question was, "Why is the world in so much turmoil at this time?" The answer was, "The world is going through a purification process and the hate and violence are the impurities." I was then presented with several mental images of gold being made pure and saw the impurities as dross, which is the scum formed on the surface of the molten metal as they are heated so as to drive out the impurities. I was then reminded of several Old Testament, Tibetan and Hopi Indian prophecies that essentially spoke of a time in which this would happen in 'similar language' appropriate to the cultures these prophecies.

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Sunday, July 30, 2017


I read an article about how to ascend and that once you started on that path life got more joyful and simple pleasures became more vivid and intense. I have focused on being hopeful, loving, kind, forgiving and grateful. It has paid off. My relationship with my wife has never been better. Our days are filled with laughter and purposeful activities. Considering that in 2013, I was depressed with chronic fatigue, I can say, this ascension thing is real and it does get better.

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Friday, July 21, 2017

Your Higher-self is preparing for its next level of existence

In order to leave this realm of experience, the higher-self has to take all it has learned in all of its "lives" and "process" it.  It can't leave the life energy behind.  they act as anchors.
these absorptions can occur in several ways, but the most common are via dreams and the second most common way is to have the previous life resurrect in your conscious now while you are alive.
if you are having dreams you are dying or committing suicide, it's the higher-self processing previous lives and parallel lives as it prepares to move on to the next level of existence opportunities
it helps if you align your chakras. The easiest way to do that is to do the 5 Tibetan rites
there are a lot of youtube videos that demonstrate how to do them

Your higher-self is "playing" many lives simultaneously as a way to improve its odds of one of the life times achieving its eternal objectives.

However, once one of them gets close to achieving it, it focuses on that one and as a result has to absorb the energy it has invested in the other lives to focus more on the one that is being successful, The downside of this is  it will not tolerate you "straying off course and will make your life miserable if you do as a way to encourage you to get back on the right course.

The Ocean Metaphor

An ocean is an apt metaphor for what we are. There is an eternal field of conscious energy that is exploring itself. We are a holographic portion of that. It may appear we are separate but that is an illusion we gave ourselves so we can explore ourself at a more granular and personal level. In previous epochs, as we explored ourselves, we did so at a meta, omniscient level which gave us a broad and satisfying experience, However, something was missing and the illusion of separateness was conceived to give us a deeper and more personal aspect of our existence.