Monday, April 17, 2017


Chester had never seen the Master so excited.  At first, he tried to shrug it off because the Master had gotten back all of his gold.  He had to get the smell of donkey off of him before he was ready to share the intensity of the experience.  The bath Sanjiv had drawn for him was helping him slow down and process what he had just experienced.  As he dried off he went back in his mind's eye and replayed the look of shock and joy that transformed the Master's face into a shape he had never seen.  He could hear his encouraging words as he went off to take a bath, "Come back ready. We have so much to discuss.  I have so much to tell you!"

Chester was wearing an old but very comfortable robe.  He sat in a chair across from the master.  To his right was another chair. "Chester you passed a test and you proved to me you were my former Master."
Chester frowned and shook his head, "I haven't ever known you before I showed up on that donkey two years ago."
The Master chuckled, "Not in this life for you, it was for me.  In your previous life.  Everything I know I learned from you.  I met you when I was 12 in 1930.  You taught me until I was 27 and you died. I think you were close to 100 at the time. Most of my life has been me successfully proving something I had learned over 50 years ago.   Just before you died you gave me two signs.  One would be finding where you had hidden 32 coins made of gold that summarized your teachings. And secondly, soon after I found the coins, you would show up and teach me a religion that had no God.  So, I assumed you would show up as some Buddha.  Buddhism doesn't worship a God.
Chester laughed, "Yes, that is why so many scientists become Buddhist, it's like having the cake and eating it too.  I'm feeling so zen right now."
The Master laughed, "And that was my blind spot.  I never, ever thought my Master meant I would meet you later in life as an Athiest."
Chester was stunned.  He collected himself, ever the cynic.  "Wait, nothing you have said proves I was your master in my previous life, even if the math works out.  I was born in 1956, so there was enough time for me to die, go do whatever spirits do unattached to a body and decide to come back as an atheist to fulfill a prophecy!  It makes perfect sense."
Sanjiv tried to stifle his laughter.  "It sounds ridiculous when you say it like that.  For a long time, the Master assumed I would somehow fulfill the prophecy.  When we met I was already a devout Buddhist."
Chester was startled.  He could have sworn until Sanjiv spoke he was invisible.  "How do you do that? You never speak, and it's like you know what we need but we never see you until show up to serve us."
Sanjiv looked delighted as if he was glad to hear such blunt questioning.  "One of the first things I discovered when I achieved my Buddahood, I could make myself invisible at will.  If you like, I can teach you how to do it."
Chester looked over to the only other chair in the, where Sanjiv was sitting, only to notice the chair was empty.  Chester felt a tingling sensation all over.  On many occasions, the Master had totally surprised or shocked him.  This was the first time Sanjiv had.  But the feeling of tingles and goose bumps was very intense and familiar.
The Master said.  "I saved one coin in case this day ever came. The inscription as translated from the Sanskrit is  'Death will not keep me from my treasure.  In my next life, it will be mine to earn, to give away in order to gain everything.' And you told me before you died, only by receiving the gold and miraculously giving it back to me. would I know for sure it was you again in this life."
Chester suddenly felt a de-ja-vue.  Stunned while feeling a strong sense of having done this all before.  He could remember dreams of living the life of a mendicant and teaching a young boy.  In a strange way, it made sense.  The Master was an expert on all religions except atheism.  By him having no religion he believed in, being exposed to all of them in a concentrated two-year span, while maintaining a scientific cynicism, allowed for him to be in a position to explain it all back from a scientific perspective.
The Master just beamed.
Chester shook his head and grinned.
The Master and Chester both looked over to the other chair, there was Sanjiv, suddenly visible again, grinning.  This was going to be interesting.

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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Part 2. Secret of the Ages

Of course, it is difficult to accept that you are creating your own reality without proof.  The idea of an infinite number of realities existing for you to choose from and you basically experience your own personal private reality is probably not how reality was taught to you by your parents, your schools or your churches.

It's quite possible you have been taught that an all powerful Engineer designed and architected the Universe to exacting specifications and laid out its destiny in advance and nothing would surprise him.  You might have been taught that just recently, after working on the Universe for eternity, it has been set in motion and its all in God's Master Plan for his creation.

To learn you have an active part in the creation of reality and you are responsible for your reality, can be disorienting.  Many have been taught that their salvation and eternal future requires an energy of some sort outside of you to save you.  That, somehow you are not worthy of eternal happiness and must be punished for your mistakes.  One way I have seen it explained is this, "You are not punished for your sins, but by your sins."  In essence, if you are vibrating with a violent energy, you will experience reality much different than someone vibrating in a peaceful way. To help you process this concept, I will introduce you to data easily available on the internet that supports the secret that you create your own reality.

Part 2.  The Mandel Effect

Probably the most amazing development in the understanding of how consciousness affects reality in what is now known as the Mandela Effect.  If this is new to you, let me summarize.  Recently Mandela died.  But what surprised many people, his death in Early December 2013 caused a lot of people to come forward and claim, they remember Mandela dying in prison many years earlier.  This and many other alternate memories of history are now commonly referred to as the Mandela Effect.  A cool way to introduce people to the Mandela Effect is with a simple fill in the blanks quiz.

1. The Berenst_in Bears.

2. Sex ___ the City

3. _____, Mirror on the wall.

4. _____, I am your Father!

5. Interview with __ Vampire

6. “It’s a beautiful day in ___ neighborhood.”

7. And the ____ will lay down with the Lamb.

8.  “Life ___ like a box of chocolates.”

9.  Fr__t Loops

10. Looney T___s

I will show you the answers.  If they seem wrong, then it's possible you have recently shifted realities.  If you can shift to a reality different than the one you grew up in, then it stands to reason we can also shift realities to our advantage.

1. The Berenstain Bears.

2. Sex and the City

3. Magic, Mirror on the wall.

4. No! I am your Father!

5. Interview with the Vampire

6. “It’s a beautiful day in this neighborhood.”

7. And the Wolf will lay down with the Lamb.

8.  “Life was like a box of chocolates.”

9.  Froot Loops

10. Looney Tunes

You can puzzle over why you remember it differently later.  If our reality can change and shift in such a manner, then it is proof that the future is not some 'set in stone' destiny we can't avoid.  It's actually a very fluid energy field we create.  There is one other proof of multiple realities. That will be covered in Part 3.

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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Part 1. Secret of the Ages

 There comes a time when you are ready to receive information, so profound, so impossible to believe, that it appears in several ways. You just so happen to find the perfect website or youtube video, or you get the perfect email or tweet and you are satisfied. Other times you need proof. It doesn't mean you aren't worthy of knowing the information, it's just that you have been taught the opposite of this information all your life. Just reading about it doesn't prove a thing. I will show you how to get the proof. What I will not do, is tell you how or why it works. The problem with that information, if you disbelieve as soon as you receive it because of what you have been taught, then you miss out on the power of the information. However, if I describe the proof of the information first, and you then experience the miracle, then and only then will you be open to the theory about why it happened.

Here is the information. Your future is not something you are destined to experience. The future is your canvas of time and space where you create your destiny. If time wasn't so short, we could have the luxury of allowing you to prove it in a foolish way.  But the problem with that is it blocks the rest of the miracle. So we are going to focus on the highest priority future you will create for yourself. This future involves the world that does not experience worldwide nuclear war. If your mind rebels at the thought because you think I am asking you to perform a worldwide miracle, its because you don't know yet what I'm asking you to do. All I am asking you to do is to become compatible in vibration for that future. Since there are an infinite number of futures ahead of you, and science has proven over and over that the observer is an integral part of all reality, as soon as your consciousness experiences in advance the future it desires, that future becomes your default bias reality. The next question you should have is this, "Okay, if I get the future I want, why is there 7.5 Billion other people experiencing it with me? They didn't ask for my future did they?"

Good question. The answer is truly amazing, but it is fully accounted for in quantum math. It's called the many worlds theory. What is missing from the theory is the soul and spirit of the math. It works like this. The soul is the eternal energy source that is gestalt aware of all possibilities. Your soul is transcendent of time and space and it contains a history of your eternal past and future in all of its possibilities. Your spirit is the part of consciousness, that chooses one of those infinite possibilities, and in the case of Earth experience, is inserted into the slow 3D matter that is very low temperature and moves quite slow. The speed of light in our reality is so slow, if the Sun blinked out perfectly black, it would take 8 minutes before Earth would know. Think of the soul as the outside infinite and the spirit as the inside infinite. Only the spirit chooses or discovers a specific reality and that becomes manifest. All of the realities that were not chosen stay in the unmanifest. Here is the part that satisfies scientific math explaining quantum reality, and the soul and spirit and how they work together to create specific experiences. There are 7.5 billion realities on the planet all merged together. They are all so close to identical that they appear as one. This is the nature of reality all connected yet perceived from limited perspectives. You can't truly experience what any other human on the planet is experiencing, you can only approximate from your history and understanding. Since there is 7.5 billion parallel, almost identical realities all merged together, when you create a reality that is so different from someone else's, their primary spirit creates their unique reality and your primary spirit manifests your unique reality. This individual might still be alive in your reality but you would be experiencing them mostly in absentee. They would live so far away from you and you would interact so seldom with them, that you wouldn't actually be in their presence, you would know them mostly as digital in a social networking situation or by old-fashioned mail.

 "I live in a world where mankind has discovered how to solve the problems facing our planet without setting off nuclear bombs or any other nuclear weapons." 

Here is an example that pertains to the future you are going to create. In this reality, there is no nuclear world war. You have a friend that is absolutely positive the world will explode into nuclear war any day. They are constantly afraid and have made preparations that should get them through what they can only hope is a limited nuclear war because an all-out nuclear war will destroy all human life on the planet. Both realities will come true, from the perspective of the active spirit consciousness. Since you experience a different reality, where there is no nuclear war on Earth, your active consciousness and your friend's active consciousness will no longer experience the same timeline. The friend you experience in your timeline will essentially be a spirit generated shadow that rounds out the reality you are experiencing. Except in the case of marriage and other tight bonding experiences. most life timelines are not identical, just very similar, but in the case of soul mates and twin flames, these spirits travel identical realities because they create them together. Now, all I have to do is teach you how to join me in one of the future timelines that are free from nuclear war. The great part about it, if just a few thousand people share with strong desire a new future, a major timeline is created that many people can tune into, rather than need to imagine it from scratch. The following is the step by step instructions to manifesting this important timeline.

 One. IMAGINE: You must be able to imagine it. You should be able to describe it, anticipate it and feel what it is like for the reality to be yours. A good exercise is to write it down so you can refer to it as needed. The way you write it down is key. You don't write it down as a wish or as something you hope happens, you write it down as if it is a reality that has already occurred and you are essentially describing it in past tense. Ancient prophecies are often written this way. Even though they are written hundreds or thousands of years before the event, it is written as if it is happening today or it is describing what has happened and the consequences of the event. An example would be. "I live in a world where mankind has discovered how to solve the problems facing our planet without setting off nuclear bombs or any other nuclear weapons." Simple, written in the present, and defines the broad parameters of the reality you want.

Two. DESIRE: You must desire your reality. Desire in the form of feelings and emotions gives your reality energy to manifest in. This is key. If it isn't something important to you, or you really secretly want to see some of our enemies get nuked, your reality will not manifest. However, if you can experience love and kind-heartedness for all the inhabitants of the Earth so that you do not want even your worst enemy or enemies to experience nuclear war and its effects, then you will be vibrating exactly with the future that is nuclear war free.

 Three. KNOWLEDGE: Vision and desire are not enough. The next step is to learn everything you can about what it is you are trying to manifest in your life. In this case, you want to avoid the fear of what you are afraid of happening, Imagining the world at war with nuclear bombs while vibrating in the frequency of hate, fear, and anger will only put dark energy into a dark future. However, if you learn how to love all the inhabitants of the Earth and desire what is best for all, then feeling with strong emotion, love, joy, peace and steadfastness. From now on, your job is to learn everything there is about becoming someone who is loving and hopeful for mankind's future. You must become an expert in the positive emotions of love and faith while mastering the skill of believing.

 Four. FAITH: This is an essential part of manifesting reality. Faith is not belief, it is a knowing. To achieve a doubtless state about the reality you are manifesting is to be as certain it will come to pass as you are certain the sun will rise in the east tomorrow morning. In this case, there is no straining or effort, it is EXPECTATION. Expect it and it will happen. So as you learn and apply your personal effort in walking in the spirit, EXPECT it.

 Five. EFFORT: The energy to manifest your reality comes from your personal effort to make it so. In this case, you actually do whatever you must to accomplish your objective. If you are not ready to put your entire life's effort into it then you don't really want it in the first place. In this case, your very survival depends on manifesting this personal reality. Whatever spiritual path that brought you to the point of understanding the need for love and unity is a valid path that you should continue to put forth the effort to continue.

 Six: INTENTION: This is the most important part. To intend something is to fix your mind and your will/spirit to making this VISION you DESIRE which you are an EXPERT and EXPECT to happen. That is why you cheerfully put all your EFFORT into it because you are confident the time and effort are WORTH IT. An intention is a focused form of mind energy and can literally change your life as you make your dreams into reality.

 Seven. HABIT: Last but not least, The six mentioned before must be done habitually and constantly. You don't just desire and intend one day. You do it every day until it is a reality. Then you do everything to maintain your reality. It must become a habit to do all six all the time or it like a cloud that shaded you yesterday but is no longer here. To not be habitual is to just be wishful. To be habitual is to give the reality you desire inertia to bring it into form. Here is the proof. As long as your life now and in the future is nuclear war free, you will be proving you choose your reality. End

End Part 1. Secret of the Ages

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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Future Possibilities

Chester sat on the donkey that was taking him away from the hidden valley where the Master and Sanjiv lived in. The gentle rocking of the donkey brought back memories of when he had ridden a donkey into the secret lair of a master of mystic learning. He had spent two years learning truths and mystic secrets from a Master who claims he had been waiting for him all of his life. To his atheist sensibilities that made no sense to him. But what really didn't make sense at all was how over the years, the Master had painted detailed scenes from his life that really stood out in his memory. That made his brain go tilt. Since he was quite drunk when he first saw it, when he woke up the next day hung over from the drinking binge he had abused himself with the night before, the last thing he was thinking about was the impossible painting of his past thousands of miles away from where the incidents happened.

But he hadn't had any alcohol in twenty-four months, but he had been meditating and doing tai chi and yoga while learning forgotten treasures of how to become one with the divine. But the best part, for each truth he had learned and could demonstrate to the Master that he understood, he received a gold coin that was thousands of years old. In the beginning, he hung around the old man for the gold, but after awhile, what he learned actually made sense from a scientific viewpoint. He was a computer programmer who specialized in Fortran and assembly language for the purpose of using high-powered computers to simulate and solve some of the most perplexing problems in math and science. He knew several other computer languages and was familiar with most of the operating systems that computers used. But when the Master taught him the seven wisdoms, they resonated with his scientific sensibilities. That was the first seven heavy gold coins he earned. When the Master offered to give him a coin for each time he learned one the 21 laws of Karma, before he knew it he had stayed two years.

Each coin weighed an oz or more and that meant a small fortune for him.  They were individually wrapped, making for a heavy and a thick load in his backpack.  Sanjiv was leading the donkey.  He had left his luggage 2 years ago at his hotel and had no idea where it was.  Somehow he had to arrange transportation back to the United States with very little cash and no credit cards and nearly two pounds of gold.

The knowing hit him and made him feel disoriented.  His vision rippled ahead of him, and some how in his mind's eye he saw many paths before him.  He vividly saw himself get arrested for trying to smuggle antiquities out of India without a license.  As soon as that timeline flashed before his mind it was as if he was remembering in advance a specific life composed of the possibilities.  In another timeline he was startled to see his future lay in a psychiatric ward.  Somehow, insisting the gold coins were antiquities made powerful enemies.  They shut him up by convincing a corrupt judge he was insane to believe the coins were genuine antiquities.  In another future, he was mudrededand the coins were stolen from him. Timeline after timeline flashed intensely in his inner mental vision center, each one worse than the other.

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He noticed a pattern.  Each future had one thing in common, him trying to get 28 gold coins out of India.  In a flash of insight, he imagined a future without the gold.  He saw himself giving the gold back to the master and staying and learning even more incredible truths with even.  Certain death, or prison or declared mentally insane, or staying in a secret cally and learn the greatest secrets in the history of reality.  The choice really was that obvious.  Sanjiv looked shocked when he realized, Chester was serious, he wanted to be taken back to the Master.  Shaking his head in a look of amazement, Sanjiv turned the donkey around and headed back to where the Master lived.

Friday, April 7, 2017

The Gift.

I want to give you a gift. If you find the gift unacceptable for any reason, please do not share negative energy with others concerning it, just ignore it.

Imagine you are sitting cross-legged on the edge of an abyss. I am sitting cross-legged across from you. Pooling in your lap is a black sphere growing larger very slowly. You can see all of the negative experiences you have ever had playing out like a high-speed movie in the sphere. 
As you look up you can see me holding another sphere that is bright and you can feel the love emanating from it. The joy you feel from the sphere causes you to see in your mind all of the positive and loving experiences you have ever had. I toss the bright shimmering ball of love to you. Catching the intense love ball causes the ball of hate and anger to fall out of your lap into the abyss. As soon as the ball of negative energy falls the shimmering ball of intense love and joy explodes infusing you with infinite love causing your consciousness to expand and your body to resonate to a higher frequency. You are now in alignment with the New Earth. Keep your focus on love and all positive feelings. To stay aligned with love avoid all negative emotions. 

If you have accepted this gift share it with others. The more people on earth who vibrate to the divine frequency of love and joy the sooner we can all live in the utopia of Christ Consciousness. I love you so much. Please accept my gift and help the entire Earth.

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Tuesday, April 4, 2017


GodSource is composed of infinite energy. Since this includes every possible pattern energy can be manifested as, every possible anti-pattern exists simultaneously, which causes an infinite cancellation process to cause nothingness to be the illusionary "stuff" of GOD. So, in order for a realm of experience, including one like our Universe, to become manifest, SOURCE segregates temporarily two self-cancelling energy patterns. This is why everything that has a beginning, has an end. Sooner or later those mutually canceling energy patterns merge back together. In essence, our Universe is like a huge virtual particle that pops into existence and then is absorbed back into the infinite energy field it manifested out of.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

by Stephen Boston

It's actually quite rare for people to change as most are the equivalent of "computer programs" operating on ego. However, a certain percentage of people are actually here to change and their higher-self will force the change through a life changing event, a serious illness, near death experience, loss of a loved one, etc. Sudden change for the better is a spiritual awakening and was part of the life plan. A sudden change for the worse that spirals into self-destructive behavior is an admission of the higher-self that this lifetime isn't going to "work out as planned."

One of the most powerful spiritual truths someone can become aware of is the "Higher-self." Many people who feel they have an intimate relationship with the divine will call name this relationship as God, Guardian Angel, Spirit Guide, The Subconscious, or Psychic Abilities. But the truth is that you are an eternal being, infinite in nature and are a fragment of Infinite Eternal Consciousness better described as SOURCE. 

This CREATOR SOURCE has for aeons been exploring the created realms as a way to explore itself. Fractal fragments of itself repeat itself endlessly into the various realms of experience including our Universe. These fragments of itself are what is commonly called souls. Some of these are powerful spirit beings known as Gods or Goddesses. It turns out your true self is also one of these divine beings and some of them have chosen to incarnate on Earth. However, the incarnation process isn't one where an independent blob of spirit inserts itself into a body. It's more similar to a portion of that infinite consciousness extruding itself into this reality and attaching itself to the body. 

Your true self, the Higher-self can actually do this simultaneously in various realms and universes and can even do so in parallel here on Earth. Earth is one of the most challenging yet possibly rewarding places a God or Goddess can physically incarnate. The Earth vibrates at such a low level of frequency and is so slow and dense, the feedback loop of the consciousness attached to the body back to the higher self is blocked or is weak. However, using synchronicities, intuitive insights, unexplained life events event disasters and calamities, the higher-self can and does guide and mold the life of the incarnated portion of itself. So most sudden life changes are an attempt of the higher-self to make contact, learn lessons and to grow spiritually.
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